Writing & Selling Books with Blogs

In January, during a stop of his virtual book tour, I discussed with Bernd Röthlingshöfer how book authors can use weblogs to support their work. Over the last couple of days I came across two interesting new answers to this question:
  • Shel Israel and Robert Scoble are writing their book about business blogging more or less online - on the Red Couch Blog. Two weeks ago they posted the first chapter there and got lots of priceless feedback from their target group.

  • Seth Godin will release his new book (Meaningful title: All Marketers are Liars) in 8 weeks. Until then he will promote it using a brand new blog with "free excerpts, provocative pieces sure to be misunderstood and even more to read for free" - the Liar's Blog (Seth ? Why that strange URL ??).
If you are a book author and if you are wondering how you could utilize weblogs, then these guys definitely show you how to do it...