…the Author.


Björn Ognibeni’s professional background includes 15+ years as a trusted digital advisor for numerous consulting companies, agencies and brands. His work focuses on what the digitization of our world means for the relationship of companies and their customers and how this influences the design of products and business models. He was once titled „Germany's Mr. Web 2.0“ by the leading German ad industry publication „werben & verkaufen“. 

Björn studied Physics and Economics at the universities of Braunschweig, Austin, TX and Göttingen. He holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Göttingen, Germany. During his time there, he was a fellow member of the research group “New Media” at the Institute for Marketing and Commerce. 

In recent years he has been involved in many high-profile digital cases in Germany such as the „Horst Schlämmer Blog“ campaign for Volkswagen or the establishment of new customer dialogue channels for Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bahn.

In 2012 Björn co-founded Buzzrank - a SaaS startup which provided innovative tools for Social Media Analytics and Content Curation. He headed the company as CEO until 2017, when it was sold to dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur - Germany's leading news organization.


…the Weblog.

The Alles Gut? Weblog was started in May 2003 (until 2006 under the name of Site-9 Weblog). It covers issues related to the work of its author and reflects on recent trends and developments at the intersection of three main areas:

  • Marketing & PR

  • Business & Media

  • Enabling Technologies

This blog is supposed to be a tool for initiating discussions around these subjects on an international level. That's why its content is a mix of German and English.