Ogilvy apologizes for fake eMails

Just a quick update on the fake emails from Brussels: I got a message from the CEO of Ogilvy Belgium. He confirms that the emails in question were indeed sent by an Ogilvy employee and he apologized for it. But he also claims that neither American Express nor Ogilvy knew about this. According to this email it was a "personal initiative by a single employee in breach of company policy".

So no denial, but a straightforward apology. Definitely a good first step. But I really would like to know more details, e.g. what this company policy looks like. Other bloggers I talked to about the email, felt the same way. So I asked Ogilvy if they would be willing to share some more information about this incident. I also offered them the possibility to guest-blog about it here.

Ogilvy is now considering the offer. Let's see what their answer will be...