DMMK: The Internet is not about Technology

I am in Berlin today for this year's DMMK (= German multimedia congress). On the stage right now is Nikesh Arora, Vice President, European Operations with Google, who's giving the audience a little pep talk on what the Internet is really about:
Don't say its the "Internet". That's too technically. Say it's one billion connected people, you can interact with. That's what it is...
Couldn't agree more ! Technorati Tags: ,
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Time for a Reboot

Again, it's the beginning of June and again it's time for a reboot. I'm currently in Copenhagen for the 2006 edition of the reboot conference. The theme this year is "renaissance?" - rebirth. Quite appropriate - especially the question mark, as we all wait for our net connection to be reborn. It's pretty crappy right now. So no live blogging. But perhaps things get better over the day. Keep fingers crossed...

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WOMday videocast is online

Two weeks ago, I did a presentation on "CorporateCommunications 2.0" at the WOMday in Munich, organized by TRND. Now a short videocast about the whole event is available (German only)...

Btw, right now, I'm at SinnerSchrader's web 2.0 conference next10years, which marks the agency's 10th anniversary. Pretty impressive speakers list, very well organized so far and the sessions will be made available for download next week. Lots of interesting events these days... even here in Germany...
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All set for the Digital Lifestyle Day 2006

This year's Digital Lifestyle Day will take place on Monday and Tuesday next week. Once again, the organizers from Hubert Burda Media have put together a very impressive agenda. For Germany, the DLD is by far the most interesting event in this field and I really can't wait to get to Munich!! So, see you there ! Or if can't be there, check out the conference podcast and the DLD06 tag on Flickr...
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Les Blogs... one week after...

Well, time flies. Les Blogs is already history. But once again, it was a great experience. Many thanks to Loic and his team for putting together such a great event !!

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My photoset on Flickr...

Unfortunately I didn't find the time to blog about it. But according to Technorati a lot of other people did quite extensively and Flickr got over 4000 pictures. Wow.

Mark Lloyd has posted a good summary on his Without Prejudice blog. Dennis Howlett has done a 26 minutes long podcast with "a compilation of comments and thoughts" from Les Blogs. And last but not least here is a great meme map from Peter Forret (all via Loic):

Les Blogs meme map
(click to enlarge)

Btw, does anybody know if the official video recordings are already available somewhere ?

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Off to Paris... again...

A little more than 6 months after the first Les Blogs conference the second edition will start tomorrow in Paris...

Les Blogs 2.0

Loic has again put together a great program. Nicole's pre conference podcast served a lot of interesting appetizers. So now, I can't wait to get to there !!
And just in case you haven't read my warning the last time, here it is again: please don't press the red button !!
Red Button
Thanks a lot ! ;-) Technorati tags:
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Audio Recordings from reboot7

The first audio recordings from reboot7 are online. Available are all presentations from room A on day 2:
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Christian Lindholm
  • Chris Heathcote
  • Tor Noerretranders
  • Doug Bowman
  • Ben Hammersley
  • Dave Weinberger
  • Peter Lindberg
  • Matt Webb
  • Regine Debatty
  • Hugh Macleod ft. Robert Scoble & Doc SearlsOpensource Audio-Header
I just checked out the first two files and they have an excellent quality ! Are the other presentations some where online, too ? (via Centopeia) Technorati Tags: ,
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Back from rebooting successfully

I'm back from Copenhagen and reboot7. It was really an inspiring experience. I met many interesting people from all over the world, learnt about new things, I haven't seen before and last, but not least had a lot of fun. What more can you ask for ? Well, how about a weaker Danish Crown !? ;-)

Flickr photoset...

The blog postings about reboot can be found at Technorati, Flickr got all the pictures and I am confident that we will also see a lot of podcasts and videoblog clips covering every aspect of it, over the next few days. Thanks to Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and the whole reboot team for putting together such a great event! I'm sure we are all looking forward to reboot8 next year... Technorati Tags:
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