Videos from LeWeb3 2007 available

Last month I spend a couple of days in Paris to attend the 4th edition of Le Web3. It was really a remarkable event and now all the presentations are available online - either in the web browser of your choice and as podcast (RSS). So if you missed the event or if you were there, but just didn't go to the presentations, because there were better ways to spend the time (as I did), then check them out on Vpod!!

I haven't seen everything yet. But if I would have to pick my personal top 3 right now, it would be...
  • Hans Rosling: Why books and school lectures still exist.
  • Doc Searls: Turning the tables: What happens when the users are in charge.
  • Joi Ito: Digitized Worlds (World of Warcraft etc.).
Not really the core web 2.0 kind of stuff (well, Doc Searls probably is). But very inspiring nevertheless.

Btw, if you need a great restaurant recommendation for Paris head over to the Go to Rio blog, where Thomas blogged about the place we spend the evening before the conference to get in the right mood for the great food at LeWeb3 (sorry, German only)....