The Usual Mortal Sins

Josiah Cole has compiled a list of "19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website" and published it on his blog. Pretty basic stuff, nothing special. Things that should be trivial but for some reason aren't and tend to be ignored. I guess these lists have to be written from time to time.

So here we go; my personal top 3 from Josiah's list:

  • DO NOT resize the user’s browser window, EVER

  • If your website does not work in Firefox, welcome to 2007 DUMSS.

  • If your website is ALL Flash, FIRE your web development company.

Also nice to keep in mind:

  • If you use music on your site make sure the user can stop it, and it BETTER NOT start on page load without the user requests it.

  • If you’re delivering video, it better not ask the user which bandwidth or version of video they’d like. Deliver your video in an embedded player in Flash.

Why is this so difficult?

(via Bernd)