Bringing Browsing Fun to eCommerce

If you look at Amazon or eBay, you could get the feeling that the ecommerce shopping experience is already at its peak: no real innovation since 1995. But luckily from time to time new ideas pop up.

Etsy is a perfect example with nice little front end gimmicks like the time machine or connections. German retail/fashion giant Otto is also trying to add a little more "experience" to the buying process with their shiny new shopping client. But for the time being, Otto only wants to do business with early adopters who are willing to get wow'ed by Microsoft. So, who cares?

Over at GigaOm I just read about another interesting new way to let customers find products in an online store: letting them browse the Google maps way!


The site is called Browsegoods. Instead of proprietary technology, it uses Ajax to give the user an intuitive way to browse through big catalogs with a normal browser. At times, I feel a bit overwhelmed by the large number of products on the screen. But it's a great concept nevertheless!!

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