Numbers on the Nature and Tone of Word of Mouth

Jackie Huba from the Church of the Customer Blog found some interesting numbers on word of mouth in a recent study (PDF) done by the Keller Fay Group:
  • 56: The average number of times an American discusses brands in ordinary conversations every week.

  • 92%: Percentage of word of mouth conversations that occur offline; 71% of those occur face-to-face, and 21% occur by phone.

  • 72%: The percentage of brand-related opinions delivered from a person to a family member or personal friend;

  • 13% are delivered to co-workers and 7% are delivered by a professional or expert on the topic. (I suppose that puts us marketing bloggers in the distinct minority.)

  • 41%: Number of conversations about brands that reference an item seen or heard in the media or in marketing material;

  • 15% refer to an ad, 8% refer to a form of editorial or entertainment content,

  • 5% refer to a point of purchase item, and 4% refer to the lowly coupon or other promotion.

  • 62%: Percentage of marketing-related discussions described as "mostly positive."

  • 9%: Percentage of marketing-related discussions described as "mostly negative."
Especially the last 2 numbers are a little bit surprising to me. The overwhelming majority of marketing-related discussions are positive ? I would have assumed it's the other way around. Since the study has been done in the US only, I am not sure if the numbers are valid for Germany, too. My gut feeling is, they are not...