Is your Campaign ready for Word of Mouth Marketing ?

During his keynote address at the WOMMA Summit Emanuel Rosen - author of Anatomy of Buzz - gave 10 questions, marketers should ask themselves before their next campaign, if they want to make generate word of mouth (via Brand Autopsy):

1. Does the product lend itself to WOM?
Is the product remarkable?

2. Are we reinforcing the concept and the message behind the product?
Are we implementing stunts to grab fleeting attention? Or are we implementing meaningful and compelling activities that are captivating?

3. Can we release information gradually?
How often can we give customers new chapters to the story we are telling them?

4. Are we giving our customers something to talk about?
Are our tactics interesting to get customers interested?

5. Do we give customers an opportunity to get involved?
What can we do to allow customers the opportunity to co-create with us?

6. Are we making it easy for customers to spread the word?
What simple mechanisms are we giving customers to tell others about the product/service?

7. Can we stimulate interaction among customers?
Are we enabling customers to bond with each other? And are we fostering the spirit of community with our customers?

8. Can we identify network hubs by category? By their activism?
Have we properly identified our customers by their like-minded passions?

9. Are we seeding the network?
Have we located and appealed to the uber-mavens across multiple social network hubs?

10. How is this campaign going to affect our reputation?
Is this campaign a brand credit or a brand debit?

Btw, if you are interested, there is a German summary of Rosen's book available !