Beta-7: Sega's Viral Marketing Best Practice wins a Clio

Last month Wieden + Kennedy won a Grand Clio in a new category called Content & Contact with a brilliant campaign for Sega's ESPN NFL Football game. It looks like they used the whole arsenal for this one (from AdWeek):

Disguised as one man's anti-Sega crusade, it was in fact a marketing machine run with military precision and Swiss-like timing.

The project involved three Web sites (the original, with posts from the campaign's 24-hour-a-day protagonist, and the two real fan sites that sprung up), viral videos and voicemails, big-time commercials that aired on cable networks, tiny classified ads in places like The Onion, "physical stunting," chat rooms, mail (beta copies of the game were sent to a few testers, then bogus legal letters demanded them back), massive emailings and flier distribution. (...)

They even had a weblog !

If that sounds interesting to you, you might want to check out this 10 minute long documentation (Quicktime, 73.6 MB) about the whole thing !!