Steve Jobs previews the future of Mac OS X

Every once in a while Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computer, hovers down to earth to share some of his god-like thoughts and visions with us mortals. Today was one of those days: Steve delivered a keynote speech during the World Wide Developers Conference, taking place in San Francisco right now. You can watch the webcast of his presentation here. Panther Preview

There were quite a few interesting things to see, but most awaited was the preview of the next big Mac OS X update, code-named Panther.

Well, it all looks promising. I especially like the Finder modifications and a new feature, called Expose, which is supposed to solve the problem of windows clutter.

Unfortunately, we all have to wait quite a while, until we can test-drive this stuff at home. The Panther will be released from his cage at the end of 2003...

By the way, Steve, just in case you are reading this: I really love all this new, sexy high-tech stuff - I really do !! But my help viewer keeps on crashing, every time I dare to use it! This nasty little xml-bug is there since v10.1 and nobody at Apple seems to care about it. Could we get this fixed ? Please ??