Still waiting for the first true GPRS flatrate in Germany !

Russell Beattie got a problem. He still don't know which US cellphone carrier he should choose:
"So I can't figure out what I want to do about my cellphone contract. It's between T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless, but I'm not sure which one I want.

If I sign up for a new "family" account online with AT&T, I can get two cool phones pretty much for free (my choices: a SonyEricsson T610 and a Nokia 6200) and I get to play with EDGE which has been rolled out nationally. A one year contract would cost me about $80 a month for the two lines for about 600 minutes with nights and weekends free. (You guys in Europe, don't ask wtf "minutes" are, it's unbelievely complex). AT&T doesn't have a plan for data, though, and the mMode services are a bit expensive.

T-Mobile doesn't have *nearly* as good of a selection of phones, and they're much more expensive - It'd cost me $150+ for the two phones above. The costs per month are a bit cheaper, but that's offset with the $19.99 all-you-can-eat GRPS data plan which pretty much kicks ass. (...)"
Hey, T-Mobile offers a GPRS flatrate in the US ? Why aren't they doing it in their home market ?