BuzzRank Curator zur dmexco 2013

Seit inzwischen über 2 Jahren findet man auf unserem BuzzRank Curator ständig neue und interessante Inhalte aus den Bereichen Web, Design, Technik & Lifestyle.

Dazu werden aus den Tweets der gut 700 Mitglieder des Curator Panels laufend alle Links ausgelesen und den verlinkten Webseiten per Algorithmus ein BuzzRank zugewiesen, der mit jeder Nennung steigt. Je häufiger ein Thema erwähnt wurde, desto höher ist dadurch der BuzzRank und desto weiter oben erscheint es. Im Zeitverlauf nimmt der BuzzRank wieder ab, die Meldung wandert nach unten und neue rücken nach. So entsteht ein Fluss von aktuell im Social Web viel diskutierten Inhalten.

Für die dmexco 2013 haben wir dieses Prinzip nun weiterentwickelt und einen zusätzlichen Curator aufgesetzt: dieser arbeitet nicht mit einem festen Personen-Panel, sondern nutzt in Echtzeit alle Tweets zur #dmexco als Datenbasis. Ein neuer Algorithmus ermittelt dabei für jeden Twitter-User einen bestimmten BuzzRank (basierend auf der jeweiligen Reichweite und Aktivität im Netz) und addiert diesen zu der jeweiligen URL. So soll sich wieder ein "River of News" ergeben - dieses Mal rund um die #dmexco - der zusammen mit unserem Partner pilot auch im offiziellen Social Hub auf der dmexco-Website eingebunden sein wird. Das neue System ist noch in der Entwicklung und wir testen es zur dmexco 2013 zum ersten Mal live. Von daher kann es immer mal sein, dass wir hier und da noch Dinge ändern. Gerade am Algorithmus werden wir, auf der Basis der praktischen Erfahrungen, sicher immer mal wieder ein wenig schrauben.

Somit haben wir zwei spannende Tage vor uns - aber die wünschen wir natürlich auch allen Teilnehmern der dmexco 2013...

P.S.: Wir werden zur dmexco übrigens auch wieder zwei BuzzRank-Infografiken veröffentlichen. Zusammen mit pilot erstellen wir zunächst morgen eine Grafik für die ersten 24 Stunden, Freitag erscheint dann die zweite für die komplette Woche.

LeWeb3 - getting ready for the 2008 edition

In 5 weeks I will be once again flying to Paris to attend this year's edition of Loic's LeWeb3 conference - for the fourth time. It's really amazing what the "small" gathering of 200 blogger turned into. Back in April 2005, when it still was called Les Blogs, it started as a pretty modest event in pretty modest times. Everything was a bit low key, but it was a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world, who were working and thinking along the same lines. And basically that's what LeWeb3 still is - just much, much bigger! Today it's by far the biggest event about all things related to Web 2.0, social media et al. on this side of the Atlantic with lot's of inspiring speakers, which include the usual suspects like David Weinberger or Jason Calacanis, but also interesting people who are new to LeWeb like Chris Anderson. If you want to know more about this years program, here is short message from Geraldine & Loic: At this year's conference it will be interesting to see, what impact the current crisis has on everyone working in our field. So I am forward to many interesting, hopefully not too gloomy discussions. If you want to be there, too, head over to
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Getting ready for a PICNIC

For the last two years I missed it, although a lot of people raved about it. But there was always something that kept me away. But this year it looks like I will be there... in Amsterdam for PICNIC08...!? The programme is pretty impressive and seems to be a good mix of various subjects. I am really looking forward to hearing speakers like Clay Shirky and meeting a lot old & new friends. I also heard a lot of good things about the inspiring atmosphere there. At least, they have a very promising looking video clip (from I guess last year ?) about it... ;-) It should be fun. So, if you are planning to be there, too... see you in Amsterdam! If not, be spontaneous and get a last-minute ticket...
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LIFT08 is already over for more than a week. But as I spent most of that week coughing and sneezing, I couldn't write about it earlier. It was once again well worth the trip - lots of interesting people & conversations, lots of interesting subjects... far beyond Web 2.0 & Co... Luckily most of the presentations plus many interviews from various participants are available online on a website from a local TV station: Here the usual list of my personal favorites: All in all a great experience! Many thanks to Laurent & the whole LIFT team for three inspiring days!! Looking forward to LIFT09...
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Videos from LeWeb3 2007 available

Last month I spend a couple of days in Paris to attend the 4th edition of Le Web3. It was really a remarkable event and now all the presentations are available online - either in the web browser of your choice and as podcast (RSS). So if you missed the event or if you were there, but just didn't go to the presentations, because there were better ways to spend the time (as I did), then check them out on Vpod!! I haven't seen everything yet. But if I would have to pick my personal top 3 right now, it would be...
  • Hans Rosling: Why books and school lectures still exist.
  • Doc Searls: Turning the tables: What happens when the users are in charge.
  • Joi Ito: Digitized Worlds (World of Warcraft etc.).
Not really the core web 2.0 kind of stuff (well, Doc Searls probably is). But very inspiring nevertheless. Btw, if you need a great restaurant recommendation for Paris head over to the Go to Rio blog, where Thomas blogged about the place we spend the evening before the conference to get in the right mood for the great food at LeWeb3 (sorry, German only)....
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Getting lifted at Geneva

I am currently at this years LIFT conference in Geneva, Switzerland...
Laurent and the others from the LIFT team have put together a great event! Peferctly organized, lot's of interesting people in good mood and an abundance of power outlets... What more can you ask for... ;-) Right now, John Buckman is presenting his company: Magnatunes - a record label, which is not evil; a record label 2.0, so to say. Looks really interesting. I heard about Magnatunes some time ago, when everybody was buzzing about the fact that they let people, who what do buy a CD from them, choose how much they have to pay for it. They suggest a price of 8 US$ per CD, but you can pick a personal price between 5 and 18 US$. So, how much do they get on average per CD? What do you think? No, not 5 $, but 8,20 $ - more than they ask for! Pretty efficient pricing, won't you say?
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DMMK: Is T-Home and Viiv really so boring ?

New concepts for home entertainment is another big subject at DMMK. Intel presents the Viiv platform, Deutsche Telekom their T-Home product (funny side note: try to find the T-Home product pages using T-Online's own Google-powered search engine... good luck... you'll need it...). To be honest, I heard nothing new. Triple play rulez. Okay, perhaps. But I was already told... back in the Nineties when it was still called "Interactive Television"... I have only one question: how is it possible to talk about new trends in such an exciting area in such a boring, uninspiring way ? It really puzzles me... Just another reason why there never will be an iPod killer - unless Apple comes up with one... Technorati Tags: , , ,
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DMMK: Reality Check - Customer Dialogue 0.9

Here at this year's DMMK more or less every speaker emphasizes the importance of establishing a dialogue with the customer. Sure, who could argue with this ? But while listening to them, I can't get this example out of my head. It shows how AOL is having a little "chat" with a customer, who wants to leave (via openBLOG): Unfortunately, that's what many big companies have in mind, when they think about having a "dialogue". Most of them are still light years away from a "2.0-compliant" way to communicate with their customers. Technorati Tags:
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