Twitter vs. the News Cycle, #GMAIL #FAIL

I heavily rely on Gmail for all my email communications (I know, I know...) and usually it's extremly reliable and fast. But today it was sluggish and slow the whole morning. Up until a few minutes ago, when Gmail died completely. Because our ISP in the office also has it's issues, I wasn't sure, if it really was a Google problem. So I went over to Twitscoop to see, what is buzzing on Twitter right now and within a second I knew, I wasn't alone... GMAIL FAIL on Tweetscoop Parts of the big Twitter collective realise that something is wrong with a central part of their infrastructure, they start to tweet scream about it online and with a very short timeframe it appears on everyones radar screen... Hey, news cycle - keep up with that! ;-) Btw, Gmail's IMAP and POP servers seems to be up & running, at least occasionally.
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