Good Bye Wordpress, hello Squarespace!

After playing around with the thought for more than a year I now finally made the jump and moved my site from Wordpress over to Squarespace. And if you can read this, the switch seems to have actually worked! So far, so good... 

Squarespace is a hosting service for everyone, who might know what a CSS stylesheet is, but doesn't want to learn how to write one, just to widen the width of a sidebar. Through some Ajax magic Squarespace provides a user interface, which makes changing and updating your website as easy as using Apple's Pages. There are a lot of similar services, which promise similar things. But so far Squarespace is the only one I really like. Take a look at their guided tour. Yes, these things do work as advertised!

Only draw back: I am now sitting in a square box - literally. Gone is the flexibility of Wordpress plug ins.  If Squarespace doesn’t provide something natively, chances are you don’t like the options you are left with. I already ran into a few dead ends, where this could become a real headache. But we will see how this plays out. 

So now that I no longer have to worry about Wordpress updates & security issues, lets hope I finally find the time again to use this site for what it was meant to be in the first place: BLOGGING...!?

P.S.: The layout isn't final yet. Although changing stylesheets is easy in Squarespace, you still need a professional designer to build a template and I am currently on the look out for someone, who could help me with that. If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment. Thx.