LeWeb3 - getting ready for the 2008 edition

In 5 weeks I will be once again flying to Paris to attend this year's edition of Loic's LeWeb3 conference - for the fourth time. It's really amazing what the "small" gathering of 200 blogger turned into. Back in April 2005, when it still was called Les Blogs, it started as a pretty modest event in pretty modest times. Everything was a bit low key, but it was a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world, who were working and thinking along the same lines. And basically that's what LeWeb3 still is - just much, much bigger!

Today it's by far the biggest event about all things related to Web 2.0, social media et al. on this side of the Atlantic with lot's of inspiring speakers, which include the usual suspects like David Weinberger or Jason Calacanis, but also interesting people who are new to LeWeb like Chris Anderson. If you want to know more about this years program, here is short message from Geraldine & Loic:

At this year's conference it will be interesting to see, what impact the current crisis has on everyone working in our field. So I am forward to many interesting, hopefully not too gloomy discussions. If you want to be there, too, head over to LeWebParis.com...