Will it Blend?

Blendtec is a US-based manufacturer of mixers, blenders & similar products. For nearly a year now they run a viral campaign called "Will It Blend?", which now boasts over 50 clips on Youtube. In every episode Tom Dickson, Blendtec's founder & CEO (really!), puts something strange into one of his high-quality mixers and asks: "will it blend?". And up until now, the answer was yes - for example when he turned a bunch of marbles into dust or a coke can (yes, the whole can) into a delicious smoothie!!

Although the results sometimes can get a little disgusting, I really love this campaign: it's based on a simple, genial idea, which is implemented in a perfect way and makes really good virals with millions of views. But the best thing: the most important element of each clip is the product! When people talk about one of those clips, they automatically talk about the mixer - which is where many other viral campaigns fail. All to often they only generate buzz about the clip itself, not about the product.

And why do I write about this campaign now, after 55 clips? Because yesterday Blendtec released a brand new clip featuring the best target of opportunity these days and I am pretty sure this will soon be the most watched "Will It Blend"- clip of all times:

I wonder how often Steve Ballmer will watch this clip? ;-)

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