Second Life 2.0 from Sony?

Later this year, Sony will launch a new virtual world which will compete directly with the much (over?-)hyped Second Life and it will look like this...


Wow! Impressive, isn't it? Especially if you compare this to Second Life. At least it looks much better.

But other than that, I am skeptical: you will need a Playstation 3 to access this brave new world and I am pretty confident that Sony engineers will make sure that the PS3 will stay the only hardware that brings you "Home". The reason for this is simple: Sony doesn't want to build a thriving new virtual world. They want to "build" a USP for an over-engineered, over-priced product, which currently seems to have no real competitive advantage. And therefor Sony and its needs will be at the center of this new "Home", not the user. The user will be able to buy "extras from the Playstation store", as the video states. But I have my doubts that the user will be able to SELL extras there, too!?

I might be wrong, but when I extrapolate from products like the PSP or the Librie eBook to predict what Sony's Home will look like, my guess is, it will lack all the stuff that makes Second Life so appealing.

But who knows... Perhaps Sony has learnt a thing or two from Myspace, Flickr or Youtube and will prove me wrong... We'll see...

Btw, if you want to know what happens, when a company has only its needs and agenda in mind when it develops a product and kind of forgets the user along the way, just look at this little clip. It surfaced on Youtube about two weeks ago and was already seen by more than 500.000 people since then...


(via Markus Breuer and Church of the Customer)