Getting lifted at Geneva

I am currently at this years LIFT conference in Geneva, Switzerland...


Laurent and the others from the LIFT team have put together a great event! Peferctly organized, lot's of interesting people in good mood and an abundance of power outlets... What more can you ask for... ;-)

Right now, John Buckman is presenting his company: Magnatunes - a record label, which is not evil; a record label 2.0, so to say. Looks really interesting. I heard about Magnatunes some time ago, when everybody was buzzing about the fact that they let people, who what do buy a CD from them, choose how much they have to pay for it. They suggest a price of 8 US$ per CD, but you can pick a personal price between 5 and 18 US$. So, how much do they get on average per CD? What do you think? No, not 5 $, but 8,20 $ - more than they ask for!

Pretty efficient pricing, won't you say?