Nabaztag - Say Hi to Rabbit 2.0

I just stumbled across a funny little gagdet/pet-hybrid that had escaped me until now: it's something called Nabaztag - an ambient, wifi-enabled - thereby fully internet ready - artificial rabbit. It comes with his own build-in social network and is already all over Youtube, Flickr et al....


What does he(?) do? Well, turns out, the little rabbit is a real digerati: he reads your emails or rss-feeds, notifies you when friends come online, downloads stock quotes and weather forecasts and plays music. He also sings and dances messages, which your friends can send directly to him. You can even marry him to another rabbit! Violet, the company behind the Nabaztag, has just launched a new edition, which has learned quite a few additional tricks like "Limitless Talk Capabilities" and "Scent Recognition"! WOW !!

Despite some technical glitches, I think, I am sold... ;-)

via Henriette, who btw has some comments on an observation from the Lift07 conference last week, which put this little gadget into an interesting context:
So at Lift07 there was nobody who said the word “blog” or “web 2.0″ which to me is a very visible sign that “blog” and “web 2.0″ is getting passé… slowly but firmly. It is not where the geeks are anymore.
Does this mean that Web 2.0 is dead ?
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