openBC becomes XING

A lot of bloggers already have reported the big news over the weekend: in a few weeks (not this week!), openBC will change its name to XING !!

Originally openBC (Disclaimer: openBC is one of my clients) wanted to announce the new name on a special event next Thursday. But on Friday a Swiss blogger discovered the name by himself through some detective 2.0 work and with a little help from Google. He broke the story first, others followed and on Saturday Daniela made it official on the openBLOG.

So, it didn't work out the way anybody wanted it to work out. But that's not necessarily a bad thing: the blogosphere is suddenly buzzing about openBC/XING as it never has before. Of course, the new name is an interesting subject all by itself. But maybe the story, how the name came out, added that little magic which turns a company announcement into a subject for global debate.

Btw: some have noted that it was naive to think the new name could have been kept under wraps. Well, if you think so, too, you might want to check out the Markenregister (the German registry for trademarks). openBC registered XING nearly a year ago. As required by law, it was officially published back then. But the secret was safe just until a few days before the official announcement !!

Keeping secrets in the age of blogs sometimes works better than one might think...

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