Housing Cleaning done the Purple Cow way

Talking about Purple Cows. What are Purple Cows ? According to Seth Godin, it's stuff that is remarkable; better: stuff that is worth making a remark about !! Can any product or service be remarkable ? Well, why not !? You don't always have to invent a new iPod to have something remarkable. You can also do something completely banal and ordinary in a new, remarkable way.

Need an example to believe ?

How about this: Springwise reports about ZENhome - a New York based company that turns house cleaning into a purple cow...

ZENhome is a nontoxic and eco-friendly cleaning service. We provide our customers with a unique cleaning experience while being conscious to the environment. We only use nontoxic and eco-friendly products ensuring that you always come home to an environment that is safe for you, your kids, and your pets.

From the burning of essential oils like lavender or jasmine while cleaning to the organic chocolates left on every bed we make extended efforts to ensure that you come home to a space that is clean, rejuvenating and stimulates the sense.

Wow - it's just a cleaning service, but one that uses eco-friendly products, burns essential oils while doing it and leaves organic chocolates on my bed afterwards! And you can pay for it through Paypal!!

Now, that sounds like something, one would make a remark about, doesn't it ? Oh, wait! I just did - right here, right now... ;-) And I am not the only one...!