Google kicks BMW out of the index

Looks like Mario's prediction the other day suddenly became reality. BMW got taught a lesson by Google last week: they kicked the German car giant out of the index for using unethical SEO tactics, with which BMW probably tried to compensate their bad web design. Ups !

So guys: take a seat in the penalty box, check out the Google guidelines, read a book or two and come back when you have cleaned up the mess those expensive SEO specialists have created...

But to be fair, BMW is hardly the only company having this problem. For me, one of the great mysteries of today is the inability of big brands to build "good" websites. Sure that Total-Flash page or this Javascript-only navigation might look good - but that's about it. It is just plain stupid to annoy customers with forced plug-in downloads or to shut out Google et al. with a website they can't crawl.

Rule of thumb: if your site isn't readable for Google, it is probably also unreadable for a lot of your customers !!!