Coca Cola caught riding the Cluelesstrain

Looks like something is rotten at Coca Cola of Denmark ! Ask reports on adland about a funny story that involves the Danish Coke fan-website This site was used to be called But Coca Cola wanted that name to be changed. Yeah, obvious trademark violation... sigh... the evil perpetrator complies; finds a new name... the soft drink giant is a happy camper again... and that's it, right ?

Well, not quite !

Apparently changing the name didn't satisfy the "branding experts" at Coke Denmark completely. They still had "issues" and they complained about it in an email to the poor soul, who runs the site: more thing remains. If you are to be allowed to link to a coca cola website ( you have to send in a written application to us. I can not see that you have made such an application, and there is no agreement with you about this. So I have to ask you to remove the link to
No april fools... that's for real... somebody at Coca Cola Denmark really thinks it is a good idea to require written applications from anyone who wants to link to their site !! How dumb is that ?

The story made it into one of Denmarks leading newspapers and now Coke got some afterthoughts about it. But too late; it's already spreading through the blogosphere to potential soft drink clients around the globe... oh dear...

I wonder wether one of my Danish colleagues is trying to introduce things like weblogs or open source marketing to the marketing buffs at Coca Cola Denmark... might be a tough sell... ;-)

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