Virgin Mobile starts this Year's Viral Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays nearly everybody in Europe already got a mobile phone and the market is pretty much saturated. So if a carrier wants to grow its business, he has to come up with something new, e.g. some slick marketing strategy.

Virgin Mobile tried viral marketing last year and achieved very impressive results with it: they were able to add more net customers than their five main competitors put together ! And it looks like Virgin will try to duplicate this success in 2004 !

Last month, this year's first clip was released, featuring Christina Aguilera caught in a seemingly compromising position (Quicktime Movie).

Now, only 2 weeks later, a second campaign has just been launched. This time Virgin wants to communicate its "superior service quality" with a nice viral clip , which shows people, who are clearly used to a better mobile better serviceBoth campaigns are once again planned, seeded and tracked by the viral marketing wizards of DMC, London.

What will be next ?