Make Love not Spam - Viral Marketing from Lycos Europe

Small applications can make nice viral agents. Deloitte Consulting proved that last year with their Bullfighter campaign. Now Lycos Europe is trying a similar approach.

lycos-mlns.gifSince last week, people can download a special screen saver from the Make Love not Spam website. The whole thing looks a little bit like the SETI screen saver. But instead of searching for intelligent life outside our solar system, the Lycos program was created to eradicate the dumbest life form here on Earth: spammers !

Once it is installed, the screen saver starts to bombard webservers from spammers with tons of traffic (from The Register):
Lycos believes the program will eventually hurt spammers. 'Spamvirtised' sites typically don't sell advertising, so they have to pay for bandwidth. Therefore more requests means higher bills, Lycos argues.

A spokesman for Lycos in Germany told The Register he believed that the tool could generate 3.4MB in traffic on a daily basis. When 10m screensavers are downloaded and used, the numbers quickly add up, to 33TB of 'useless' IP traffic.
Interesting idea. But let's hope it doesn't backfire, when all the useless traffic starts clogging up the internet...

(via adland)

Update (03.12.2004)- Well, it did backfire: Freeze on anti-spam campaign