Tubemogul: "Web Video Marketing - Best Practices"

Tubemogul has posted an interesting report about how to make great viral clips. They even discovered something, everybody is looking for - the "secret formula" for viral success. It looks like this:

.50C + .15M + .20T + .15P = Success.

  • 50% C = Content and Production - this is storyline, style lightning, production, etc.

  • 15% M = Metadata - the text title, keywords, descriptions, and categories that help people find your video

  • 20% T = Thumbnail - the packaging which draws people in when displayed on the page

  • 15% P = promotion - just good old fashioned marketing

Okay, not much secret about this. But especially small things like good metadata and thumbnails are often overlooked. And of course that can't rescue a campaign when the content is crap. So it's pretty basic stuff, but a good read nevertheless.

Btw, success here only means views. Not sure if that is really a good criteria for success in a viral ad campaign...

via Mashable