Blabble aims to make the Buzz on the Blogs more transparent

A new company, called Blabble, is trying to build a (realtime ?) research and analysis tool for weblog content:
Blabble is dedicated to making sense out of the seemingly endless supply of blog information. We feel there is tremendous power in understanding the thoughts and opinions of influential blog authors.

To accomplish this, Blabble parses thousands of recently-changed blogs every few minutes and breaks the text into parts of speech. Our natural language software links those parts allowing us to group and analyze intended thoughts. None of our competitors come close to matching our language processing.

Blabble makes available:
  • Instance Counting.
    How many people talked about a particular product, person, or service today? Did it spike around a certain event?

  • Tone.
    Were people happy/sad when they talked about your product? What words are people using when talking about a particular person?

  • Surveys.
    Create simple survey comparisons of key words. How do people use key terms in relation to each other.
Well, if they are really able to provide these kind of information, I do know quite a few people, who would be more than a little bit interested in getting them !!

Right now, it seems like they just started: the website doesn't provide much additional information yet and their own blog needs some serious work...

But they are definitely asking the right questions. Let's see, if they can answer them...