Golfsburg - Ambient Marketing extreme: A whole City gets a new Name

Today Volkswagen presented the fifth generation of their most successful model: the VW Golf.

The Mayor of Wolfsburg, the city where the VW headquarters are located, wanted to support this event. So he decided to change the name of his city from Wolfsburg to Golfsburg for a five week period - starting today !

During this time, things like the city limit signs or the official city stationary will sport the new name and logo. As one would expect, the press loves the idea and every major media outlet is reporting about it.

An interesting case of ambient marketing. It helps Volkswagen to get additional PR for their product launch. But at the same time, Wolfsburg - sorry Golfsburg - also profits from this, because it promotes the city nationwide. And as someone who grew up in the region, I can ensure everyone that this dull city really needs every little bit of promotion it can get... ;-)

P.S.: While I am writing this, the official event is long over, but the Volkswagen Homepage still doesn't mention it with a single word and the Golf section of the website starts with: "The new Golf will celebrate its world premiere in autumn 2003 (...)" !?

Sorry, Mr. Pischetsrieder, but this is really worst practice !!!