Jung von Matt/Fleet promotes Coffee Drink K-Fee with (a little bit of) Viral Marketing

Last month German ad agency Jung vonMatt/Flett launched a nice new campaign for the canned coffee drink K-Fee. It consists of a series of nine spots, which all share the same underlying idea...

It's really fun to show these clips to other people - especially if you are able to watch them, when the crazy guy at the end scares the living hell out of them... ;-)

So obviously, these ads make great viral agents. The agency certainly realized that and made some of them available on the website.

But unfortunately they did a lot of mistakes when it came to the online part of the campaign and this will probably prevent these clips from reaching their full viral potential.

Here are just a few of them:
  • The start page of the product's website fails to mention that it is possible to download the clips. Instead it asks the user to come back in a few weeks to get the exact time when the ads will be aired on TV !? Sorry, but how dumb is that ?

  • If this doesn't deter you from wanting the clips, you really need Indiana Jones - like qualities to find them, because they are buried deep within the navigational structure: 4 clicks away from the start page (Hint: Don't forget to scroll down after the second click...)

  • If you finally get to the download page, you quickly realize that it doesn't have any Email-to-a-Friend function. To make things worse, it is also not possible to link directly to that page. Why ?

  • On the other hand, the clips don't mention the website at all !? So I guess, a real integration of TV and online media was never really intended.

  • I also think, it's pretty safe to assume that Jung vonMatt/Flett forgot to do any planned seeding for the clips or any tracking of their success (for example through putting hidden HTTP-calls into it). Both vital parts of any viral marketing campaign.
In the end, this looks like just another example for how a brilliant agency, which creates great offline campaigns, totally drops the ball when it comes to digital media. That's really sad, because most of what would have been needed to make this also a great viral marketing case, is already there....