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This is the personal weblog of Björn Ognibeni. I am a consultant for Digital Marketing Communications & Co-Founder of BuzzRank, living in Hamburg, Germany.

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OurSocialTimes Seminar: "Social Media im Kundenservice", 02.04.2014 in München


3. Deutscher Marketing-Innovations-Tag, 10.04.2014 in Nürnberg


re-publica 2014, 6.-8.05.2014 in Berlin


Marketing 2.0 Conference, 12. + 13.05.2014 in Hamburg


ADC Management Dialog Social in Berlin


Projects & Clients (Selection):

  • Lange Uhren GmbH (since 2011): Digital marketing strategy - audit & review, support of pitch process for the selection of a new digital agency.
  • Volkswagen AG (since 2011): Concept for launch of social media channels for the German market, training of dialog- & community management team, various Facebook campaigns.
  • Deutsche Bahn / Ray Sono (2010-2011): Social media service strategy, support of set-up of service dialog channels on Twitter and Facebook (@db_bahn).
  • Tchibo / Liquid Campaign (2010): Company-wide social media strategy, support for the launch of the Tchibo Facebook page.
  • Deutsche Telekom. (2010-2013): Social media strategy for the sales and service department of Telekom Deutschland (Project „Telekom-hilft“), new channels for customer dialog team training of call center team, concept and support for several social media and word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. 
  • 1&1 Internet / Jung von Matt/Elbe (2009): Concept of social media activities around a nationwide TV campaign (Title: „Marcell D'Avis, Leiter Kundenzufriedenheit“).
  • Swisscom (2008/2009): Consulting for several internal projects, e.g. development of a new IP-TV product. In-house seminars about viral marketing and social media.
  • OTTO (2008/2009/2012): Support of a viral marketing campaign, social media strategy for the launch of a new sub-brand.
  • Merck Serono (2008-2013): Concept and support for several, weblog-based content marketing projects.
  • Volkswagen / TribalDDB (2007): Support of concept development and execution of one of the most successful viral marketing cases in Germany: „Horst Schlämmer“ campaign for Volkswagen.
  • FRoSTA (2007-2010): Consulting / coaching on several digital marketing projects, support of pitch process for the selection of a new digital agency.
  • O2 (2006): Social media campaign „Mobile Macs“.
  • Opel / Universal McCann (2006): Social media campaign for the launch of a new car model (Opel Antara)
  • Goviral (2005-2011): Business Development Director, Germany.


Presentations & Keynotes (Selection):

  • The Social Media Phenomenon: Trend or Hype - strategic relevance - best & worst practices - chances & risk.
  • Show me the Money: Social Media, Metrics & ROI - A Broader Perspective.
  • "Shitstorm“ vs. „Congratulation Department": Brand building in times of Facebook, Youtube & Co.
  • "Service is the New Marketing": Public customer service & dialog as new tool for brand communications and a driver of change.
  • Social Media & Crisis Communications: How to avoid "Shitstorms" and how to react, if you are caught in one.
  • From Mass Media to Media Masses: Impact of the current change of the media landscape on society, politics and companies. 
  • Viral Marketing - Strategies to generate buzz about your brand - online and in real life.
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