Looking for a New Style

The New York Times writes about the firing of Carly Fiorina...
The resignation brings to a close a rocky tenure for Ms. Fiorina, who oversaw Hewlett's controversial acquisition of the Compaq Computer in 2002. Her charisma and aggressive, top-down leadership style made her a highly visible personality in the consumer electronics industry (...)
...and Ben McConnell writes a very fitting comment...
Let's hope Fiorina's firing signals the demise of "aggressive, top-down leadership" in organizations that rely on collaborative, bottom-up teamwork and integrated customer involvement in decision-making and growth.
Nicely put !
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What Integrated Marketing is really about !

The Tom Peters Blog has a great "Thought for the day" about Integrated Marketing:
Marketers don't do integrated marketing, customers do. Customers integrate all experiences with a company into a composite impression. If a customer decides that listening to music on hold for 15 minutes while waiting for help tells her more about that company than their radio commercials, that's her privilege. Do the marketing efforts of most companies recognize this ?
Is that supposed to be a rhetorical question ?

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A9.com - new search engine from Amazon

Amazon quietly launched the beta version of a brand new service two days ago: beta-a9-logo a search engine called A9.com It includes not only the usual search the web functions, but also quite a few other cool things, like an integrated version of their "Search inside the Book" feature. As one can imagine, the blogosphere is already buzzing about this - big time ! John Battelle's Searchblog, for example, has 1, 2, 3 interesting postings concerning A9... Btw, I am still waiting for a Mac OS version of one of these toolbars everybody is offering these days !?
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O'Reilly ETech perfectly documented online

One of the most interesting events every year is the O'Reilly Emerging Technoloy Conference (ETech) which is taking place right now in San Diego, CA. For those of us, who can not be there, it's easy to follow it online: many of the presentations can be downloaded, of course some Weblogs are covering it and there even is a Wiki available... So far, so good... But it can get even better ! At a site called IT Conversations some of the most interesting ETech keynotes can be downloaded as MP3 files - complete with ID-Tags and ready to be uploaded to an iPod for the daily commute to work... A very nice & convenient service ! Thanks a lot !!;-)
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Paper on Business Blogging: "Blogging the Market"

George N. Dafermos has written a very elaborate paper on the subject of Business Blogging (via Many2Many on Corante):
Blogging the Market - How Weblogs are turning corporate machines into real conversations It has been repeatedly argued that the process/technology of weblogs offers a novel approach towards the continuation of democratic public discourse. Within the boundaries of the firm though, the implementation of weblogs takes a whole new dimension to realising that weblogs are more than the sum of its parts: more than vibrant public forums and frequently updated streams-of-consciousness, alternative forms of publishing and online outbursts of gonzo journalism, and personal diaries. They are the embodiment of online self-organising social systems, are essentially characterised by management decentralisation and ultimately threaten to destabilise current organisational structures and re-invent the scope of management. Provided that weblogs are not co-opted by rigid corporate policies that aim at stifling the creative spirit that fosters innovation - one of the reasons for having weblog communities at the first place - weblogs can be successfully deployed within the organisation with a pervasive effect across all the stages of the value chain "achieving a greater return on connection from employee, customer and partner relationships". (...)
The paper is available as PDF or HTML page.
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myfriends.de - German Version of Friendster online

After the launch of the Open Business Club last week, another P2P-networking service is now available in Germany - myfriends.de (via Heiko Hebig & Klaus Eck). This one looks and feels like a perfect copy of friendster. The company behind it - Jamba - already announced a new micro payment service a couple of weeks ago. It will be interesting to see, how these pieces fit together...
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The Open Business Club now open for Business...

First there was Friendster - a peer-to-peer networking community, where you could easily make new friends online.Then similar communities appeared for establishing business contacts, like LinkedIn or Ryze. But they were all pretty much focused on the US. Today the first such service for Germany, called the Open Business Club, had its pre-launch ! It is ready for eager networkers to sign in !! Lets mingle... ;-) Btw, if you want to know more about these kind of peer-to-peer-services, especially Friendster, just pay a visit to Stefan Smalla's Site. He wrote a very elaborate article about this a few weeks ago.
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