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This is the personal weblog of Björn Ognibeni. I am a consultant for Digital Marketing Communications & Co-Founder of BuzzRank, living in Hamburg, Germany.

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Ringbacks as a new Mobile Marketing Tool

Rafat Ali writes about Ringbacks on Ringtonia.com :
Ringbacks are the hottest thing in the mobile content market right now. This is not some vaporware like the music downloads on mobiles (...)

For those of you who don't know what ringback tones are, the concept came out of South Korea. Ringbacks are like call waiting tones, only less annoying. Say you call someone on their mobile phone…instead of getting the phone ring sound from your side, you will hear a music clip or a ringtone which your friend who you called has selected. (...)
Ringbacks offer mobile phone users great new possibilities to customize their mobile experience. Reasonably priced it will surely bring in nice revenues with high margins for the carriers and mobile content providers.

But ringbacks will probably also become an interesting tool for mobile or viral marketing. Like branded style sheets for personal web-sites ringback tones are visible (or in this case audible) to the outside world. This makes it a very potent viral agent. Rafat writes in his article about how labels could use this to promote new music. But it certainly will also work with commercial jingles from ones favorite brand.

Or how about a less subtle approach: using real commercials as a ringback tone, which lets the person who is called earn a few cents for every incoming call. Not a very good idea for the phone of an average middle manager, but great for a very different target group: young kids, who are eager to find ways to reduce those heavy SMS bills...

More on Ringbacks:
- Article on the subject from BBC News
- Ringback Category on Ringtonia

Ford uses SMS as competition response channel

Revolution Magazine reports about a new competition from Ford to promote their KA brand (via Adverblog):
Launching this month, a range of postcards will be sent to consumers with unique SMS codes on them. Individuals should text in the code to enter a grand prize draw. The winner gets a shopping spree in New York. (...)

Usha Raghavachari, Ford Ka brand manager, said: "We wanted to introduce SMS as a direct response mechanism for this campaign as we feel it gives our target audience a new and easy way to interact with us. The immediacy and high response rates we are expecting from this campaign made it an easy decision to use the mobile channel." (...)
SMS is really a great response channel for direct marketing campaigns. Especially because it is easy to use and helps people to answer very spontaneously.

Related article: Premium SMS successfully used for TV-Station Campaign

Mobile Marketing in Germany

In the recent issue of the German business magazine Brand Eins is an interesting report on the market for mobile marketing in Germany:
  • 1000 SMS are sent in Germany every second, 3,333 million every hour and nearly 30 billion every year.
  • Sending 1 megabyte per SMS would could more than 1200 Euro.
  • The SMS-service alone generates more than 5 billion Euro in revenue for the mobile operators.
  • 5,9 million people participated in a mobile marketing campaign from Coca Cola in spring 2003.
Many more facts and cases can be found in the article, which is unfortunately only available in German...

Seminar: Mobile Kaizen in Japan

During the next weeks the Berlin-based consulting firm Mobile Economy offers a new seminar on the mobile phenomenon in Japan (via Heiko Hebig):
"During their Germany tour (14.10.03 to 06.11.03) with the new seminar "Mobile Kaizen in Japan" mobile experts Daniel Scuka, co-founder of the online video magazine Wireless Watch Japan, and Jan Michael Hess, CEO of consulting firm Mobile Economy GmbH, will explain the reasons for the spectacular success of the wireless industry in Japan.

They will also provide strategic recommendations to Germany’s mobile players for the continuous improvement of their products and selected business processes.(...)"
See the press release here. There is also a detailed description of the seminar and the schedule available as PDF.

Free Report on Mobile Entertainment in Europe

Celluar News reports about an interesting new study on the mobile entertainment market in Europe (via Textually.org):
"The MGAIN Consortium, funded by the European Commission has released a new report on mobile entertainment in Europe. The 170-page report “Mobile Entertainment Business” provides a comprehensive understanding and a fresh analysis of the European mobile entertainment industry and market.

The MGAIN project and this report are independent from all organizations and individuals within the industry and market of mobile entertainment in Europe. As such, the report offers an unbiased analysis of the European situation regarding mobile entertainment. At the same time, the MGAIN consortium have a close cooperation with the Mobile Entertainment Forum that have commented on draft versions of the report to ensure the quality of the analysis.

The report says hat by the end of 2003, some 10 million European mobile subscribers will own a Mobile Entertainment enabled device. This equals a penetration level of 2-3%. (...)"
The complete report can be downloaded here (PDF). There are also quite a few other interesting papers available from the publications section on the mGain website.
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