Enjoy your Netflix while it lasts, because the Future of Streaming Video is coming…

Photo by  Jens Kreuter  on  Unsplash

Just read an interesting interview with Disney´s CEO Bob Iger. Interesting because of what he is NOT talking about: fantasy, imagination or customers.

He does talk a lot about the consumer! Direct-to-consumer, to be precise, because their new streaming service is the next big thing: cutting out Netflix (and its probably superior UX with it) and force people to pay directly to Disney if they want to see the new Star Wars TV series. Sorry, dear customer, but "It’s all about return on invested capital!"

Btw, why isn’t this called Direct-from-Consumer…? 🤔

Anyway, 2019 will be a great year for Disney, because of the next Avengers, Toy Story 4, Frozen 2. And don't forget: Star Wars IX!. Last year wasn’t bad either:

"We’re going to hit $7 billion [in 2018] as a studio [in] global box office."

Wow! And don't get him started on Avatar 2,3,4,5 and 6!!

"I’ll call it growth or evolution of core characters and introduction of some new ones. It didn’t do $2.6 billion worldwide by accident. There’s something there."

I am sure there is. But I am not sure whether I like it...!?

These are the executives who are building the future of streaming video for us, scaling an imaginary ROIC in the process, until every studio has its own little Netflix clone and we all will have to cough up $10 per months for every single one: you want Star Trek AND Star Wars…? Then pay up…

Have fun... Bob will... 💸😈