Heineken pranks just 1000 Football Fans, but gets Millions to talk about it

If you want to create a viral campaign, you first of all have to come up with something that is highly relevant to your target group. And if you want to have a really good campaign that something has to be able to function as a starting point for conversations around it. Here is a great case from Heineken for how to do this right:

Brilliant underlying idea and surely something any football fan AND their girlfriends are talking about with each other and their respective peers. Only caveat: let's hope they don't forget which brand was behind the whole thing. If you can ensure that you have a great viral campaign...

Btw, I haven't found a lot about this stunt online except this video and many blog posts about it. But nothing about the actual event or mentions in traditional media. So maybe the campaign is just the video above? Just a thought! ;-)