Blogging in 2009: about Creeks, Rivers & Streams

Wow, time flies. No new blog post since February and it's already August? I know, it got a little quiet over here. But that doesn't mean I stopped posting stuff - quite the contrary! I publish more to the social web than ever, but not that often to my blog, because nowadays it is just one of many channels.

When I started blogging in 2002 somewhere on Blogspot that was different. Back then, weblogs were more or less the only way to publish personal thoughts and ideas. Blog comments and trackbacks fostered worldwide discussions about those postings and created the warm & fuzzy feeling of a community. Hence something called the blogosphere developed - compared to todays world a very simple and homogeneous system.

Now, if you have something to say, a weblog is just one of many options you have: you can also tweet it, post it on your favorite social network or put a clip about it on Youtube. Lots of bigger and smaller channels developed over the years, which complemented the good old weblog. A new, much more diverse structure emerged called Social Media.

Out of curiosity and professional necessity, I am playing around with all of those tools and currently I am using three services as my main channels:

  1. for everything that fits into 140 characters.

  2. for stuff that's longer than a tweet but still not quite a blog post.

  3. - this blog, which I will use for longer articles, whenever I feel like writing one.

But of course there is much more: Shared items from Google Reader, stuff bookmarked on Delicious, status updates on Facebook, photos on Flickr, video clips on Youtube and the lifestream on Friendfeed, which combines everything independently of the source... at least for now...

So, if the update-frequency of this blog got a little lower, this doesn't mean there isn't anything left to say. It's just that the stream now runs through more than one river...