The US now have a Blogger in Chief... kind of..

Okay, that's that. Just saw the 44. President being sworn in and GWB flying off into the sunset - hopefully with just a one way ticket...!? So I guess congratulations are now in order!

I am not sure if Obama even has the slightest chance to live up to the enormous expectations. But it surely will be very interesting to watch, how he is trying to. Especially because he seems to be determined to really become the first "Internet President". He has shown it time and again during the campaign and the transition. And now just minutes after the ceremony the new went live - which sports a new & official White House Weblog! Okay, no comments or track-/tweetbacks yet, but it is a start. Who would have imagined that a couple of years - in Germany months or weeks? ;-) - ago, when blogs were just for geeks?

So, good luck Mr. President!

Update: Apparently a blog is not enough. The White House is now also using Twitter and has nearly 9000 followers - @thewhitehouse.