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A great way to start a new Year

Hey, happy 2007 everyone. The new year is just 9 days old and already has its first sensation: perhaps something like the first real potential iPod killer in history... it's called iPhone and comes from... you guessed it...

Wow, I want one... now... not in Q4... and I want it with 3G/UMTS... and I would like to really use it, not just keep it in a vault... So, let's hope we don't get another scratch debacle...!? Well, maybe it's better to wait a few months... ;-)

Anyway, looking at this piece of beauty, I feel a little bit sorry for Microsoft and their great innovation of 2006. Looks like the Zune has to learn some new tricks, if it still wants to turn brown into the new black.

Btw, it's still pretty quiet around here. I know. And it will stay that way for another few weeks. But I am planning some great things for 2007. Starting an all-new weblog is one of the items on my list.

So stay tuned. ;-)

Reader Comments (1)

Poor Microsoft, still selling next-best products to average consumer .-)

Jan 10, 2007 at 11:08 | Unregistered CommenterKP Frahm

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