openBC's openDESIGN Challenge goes into 5th Week

openBC, the online networking service with over 1.5 million members world wide, is currently preparing a major relaunch of their site later this year. As part of the process leading up to this relaunch, we (openBC is one of my clients) started the openDESIGN Challenge, where designers from all over the world are challenged to come up with a better design for openBC's most important page: the personal profile page - the business card 2.0, if you will. Public voting together with a prominent jury will decide on who will get the 10.000 Euro prize money!

The project is already running for 4 weeks now and we are getting a steady stream of great entries every week. But we always need more. So, if you are a talented web designer and have a vision of how the business card 2.0 should look like, share it with us!!