Dell starts (something like) a company weblog

Remember the Dell Hell ? The first time Dell encountered blogs and the fact that consumers now are able to influence a company's public image in a very significant way. Looks like Dell is now trying to join the conversation with their own company weblog - one2one...

It was launched last Wednesday. But unfortunately without any welcome or "inauguration" posting and probably also without involving any bloggers before the launch. Too bad. What's the first impression ? Well, Jeff Jarvis thinks Dell's blog is "as much a conversation as yelling at a brick wall" and and Steve Rubel calls it already a missed opportunity.

I agree, kind of. So far, it all looks like plain-old marketing speak - polished, controlled, boring. But at least the blog got open comments and I hope Dell doesn't try to keep these comments as clean as the rest. Then Dell will get some real "direct conversations" going pretty soon and I am anxious to see their reactions then.

What happens, when the next Dell laptop goes up in flames ?

Background info: PR Week - Dell launches One2One blog