Coffee Shop 2.0

Springwise reports about an innovative new business idea in the crowded coffee shop market - the Coffee Office:

Based in Windsor, Ontario, The Coffee Office was founded to offer business professionals everything they need to stay productive outside a traditional office, in what calls a being space. A café section is open to everyone, and like the rest of the building, offers free high-speed wireless internet and plenty of power points.

The rest of the space is reserved for TCO members, who have access to private workstations and conference rooms. For CAD 90 per month, members have free use of the workstations and members lounge and (fuelling productivity) 25 complimentary coffees per month. Conference rooms can be rented for CAD 35 or 50 per hour (small or large), and private cubicles for CAD 5/hour. When it's time for a power nap, a sleep module is available for CAD 10/hour. Other thoughtful touches include noise diffusers that help keep conversations private, and access to a Nerd On Site.

Sounds like the perfect concept for todays changing working habits - e.g. for mobile warriors and "office-less" freelancers. And certainly an interesting alternative to opening up just another Starbucks knock off. Btw, if you are considering that, you might find this Slate article somewhat interesting...