AOL Germany's General Manger starts a real Blog

Charles Fränkl, general manager of AOL Germany, has quietly rolled out a personal blog on May 1st. You can find it at And it looks like the real deal: written by himself, complete with comments (trackbacks seem to be missing though) and open for dialogue . Nice !

What does he want to blog about ?

Meine Themen: mein Job bei AOL in Deutschland, die Zukunft des Mediums Internet, meine Ansichten und Meinungen als Geschäftsführer eines Internetunternehmens - aber auch Privates. Ich schreibe als Charles Fränkl. Wer sich über meinen Blog hinaus für die offiziellen News von AOL in Deutschland interessiert, kann hier nach Herzenslust Pressemitteilungen lesen. In meinem Blog schreibe ich selbst. Und ich freue mich auf einen hoffentlich regen Dialog - mit Kunden, Nicht-Kunden, Kollegen, Experten, Interessierten, Schweizern, Nicht-Schweizern.

His job at AOL Germany, his views as a general manager of an internet company and private stuff. Sounds like the right mix. And he is eager to start a lively dialogue with his readers - something most executives of big companies are pretty afraid of. Right now, the blog has not gotten much attention. That's pretty strange for a company like AOL. But I am confident this will change rather quickly in the coming weeks.

Well, Charles: welcome to the blogosphere ! Good luck and don't let the trolls scare you off...