Referrer Tracking as Buzz Generator

Over at mobile-macs we are currently running a referrer competition with a weekly Top 10. Every Monday those three bloggers who drove the most traffic to the site over the last week, can go to the prices page and pick something they like - including mobile phones, iLife / iWork software packages, tickets for a Rollings Stones concert etc.

AppzapperMacZot is doing something similar today. But they are trying a different to approach to promote their site and a nice little application called AppZapper:
AppZapper 1.3 was released today. The uninstaller Apple forgot has teamed up with to run a special promotion for the release of their latest version featuring the new QuickZap™

AppZapper 1.3 is FREE! (or will be if we get at least 259 bloggers to mention it)

For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05

Our goal is to give away 1,000 copies of AppZapper to Mac users around the world. So, every Blog entry will be worth about $50.00 to the community.

Once they reach at least 259, AppZapper will be priced at $0.00 (FREE) to everybody who registers at or sends a simple email to after the time it becomes FREE.

GET STARTED! Email your favorite bloggers and tell them to blog up MacZOT so everyone can benefit! And then: Grab your copy of AppZapper 1.3 with the new QuickZap feature from
Great idea!! But does it work ?

Until now only 34 blogs have linked to the site. Not that many. But the story just hit and I am pretty confident that traffic to MacZot is exploding right now - generating a lot of buzz on a global scale for a tiny little ecommerce site. And if in the end hundreds of blogs link to MacZot that will give them a really big boost to their Google juice.

All that virtually for free!!

Btw, I already bought AppZapper and I loved it. What is it doing ?
AppZapper is for people who want to confidently try new apps while knowing they can uninstall them easily. Drag one or more unwanted apps onto AppZapper and watch as it finds all the extra files and lets you delete them with a single click.
Yes, Windows-Users: that is not a late April fools joke, such a program is available - for Macs ! ;-)