The Return of the Bullfighter

When I do presentations on viral marketing I always talk about the Bullfighter campaign that Deloitte Consulting did back in 2003 - one of my all time favorites for viral marketing in the B2B arena. But unfortunately, Deloitte stopped the campaign a long time ago. Perhaps too many proposals, strategy papers and presentations from Deloitte's own consultants got "bull-checked" by their clients !? I don't know.

But I have good news - the Bullfighter is back:

If you think you smell something at work, there's probably good reason -- Bull has become the official language of business. Every day, we get bombarded by an endless stream of filtered, jargon-filled corporate speak, all of which makes it harder to get heard, harder to be authentic, and definitely harder to have fun. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The team that brought you the Clio Award-winning Bullfighter software is back with an entertaining, bare-knuckled guide to talking straight. Grab your cape and sharpen your sword. It's time to fight the bull!

The team behind it is no longer associated with Deloitte. They created a great website, started a blog and even got some viral clips ! All this to promote their book with the telling title "Why Business People Speak Like Idiots : A Bullfighter's Guide". Sounds like an interesting read.

Only problem: how can I start to fight the bull on my Mac ?

(via Rohit Bhargava)