Does Dell finally learn to listen ?

Back in June Jeff Jarvis had some issues with his new laptop from Dell and he blogged about it - in quite frank terms:
Dell lies. Dell sucks.

I just got a new Dell laptop and paid a fortune for the four-year, in-home service.

The machine is a lemon and the service is a lie.

I'm having all kinds of trouble with the hardware: overheats, network doesn't work, maxes out on CPU usage. It's a lemon.

But what really irks me is that they say if they sent someone to my home -- which I paid for -- he wouldn't have the parts, so I might as well just send the machine in and lose it for 7-10 days -- plus the time going through this crap. So I have this new machine and paid for them to FUCKING FIX IT IN MY HOUSE and they don't and I lose it for two weeks.

DELL SUCKS. DELL LIES. Put that in your Google and smoke it, Dell.
Dell ignored it, although Jeff's Buzzmachine is one of the most read blogs out there. Not a very smart move. And so the whole affair went down in history as the Dell Hell Saga. Last week, Jeff even wrote an open letter about Dell's miserable service to Michael Dell.

But now it looks like Dell is finally starting to wake up (from Mediapost):
Dell Computers, which came under fire this summer from blogger Jeff Jarvis, says it has new procedures for dealing with the blogosphere. The company’s public relations department monitors blogs, looking for commentaries and complaints–and, starting about a month ago, began forwarding complaints with personally identifiable information to the customer service department so that representatives can contact dissatisfied consumers directly, said Dell spokeswoman Jennifer Davis. The move appears to have been triggered by a series of “Dell Hell” posts penned by Jarvis about his problems with a Dell computer. (...)
It was about time ! But it happens way too late for Jeff. He bought an Apple Powerbook in the meantime...