Nothing To Fear From Executive Blogging

Robert A. Lutz (GM Vice Chairman, Global Product Development) wrote an article in InformationWeek about his experiences as a blogger:
Since January, I've been participating, along with other members of General Motors' senior management, in the GM Fastlane blog ( We've found the blog to be a hugely effective communications tool and a terrific way to conduct a grassroots, largely unfiltered conversation with GM fans and nonfans alike.

The key is to leave the corporate-speak behind and keep the tone conversational, open, and honest. Anyone who has read our blog sees the real deal, as produced by us and not polished by several layers of trained communications pros.


To me, the blog is a way for GM to be culturally relevant. It allows us to be on the leading edge of new technology while getting our strong views out there about our cars and trucks. So far, response has been outstanding, with more than 5,000 visits and 13,000 page views a day.
And just in case anybody still has any doubts:
To any senior executive on the fence about starting a corporate blog, I have a word of advice: Jump.

(via Heiko)