Another Blogger found a Business Model

I have been using Google Adsense here on Site-9 since February, mainly to get some first-hand experience with it. Not to earn a lot of money. But it looks like Darren Rowse, over at, does earn some serious money with putting those little text-ads on his blogs:
I went to the PO Box this morning to grab my mail and found my monthly cheque from Google’s Adsense had arrived for earnings in the month of May. (...)

The cheque was the biggest cheque I’ve ever held onto (well the biggest I’ve held onto that has my name on it). The amazing thing is that in the month of May I earned more than I earned in a whole year in 2003 from a ‘real job’ (of course at the time I was only working a 3 day week while I studied part time) and well over half as much as I earned from Adsense in the whole of 2004. (...)
So, how much money did Darren earn exactly from blogging in a single month ?

Not less than 14.436,45 US-$ !

And he got slashdotted for it, what probably leads to even more ad revenue in the future...

...not bad !