Business 2.0 Article on GM's Fastlane Blog

Interesting article on Business 2.0 about General Motors Fastlane Blog, where GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz started blogging in January:
"This blog was an attempt to get GM more involved in the dialogue and to get people talking to us. We see this as a direct line to enthusiasts, supporters -- and detractors."

It's working. The site, which focuses on topics such as GM design, new product launches, and business strategy, averages 4,000 to 5,000 hits per day from people around the world. Those consumers are talking back, and then some: Each posting receives between 60 and 100 comments, a mix of positive and negative reactions to Lutz's thoughts. (...)

It's hard not to admire a corporate blog that can spark that kind of passion. Fast Lane works because GM has found the right public voice. Lutz is an auto-industry rock star who, over a 42-year career, has held senior executive positions with GM, Ford (F), and Chrysler. The man can talk the talk because he's a real car guy, not a bean counter from GM's all-powerful finance department, where it grooms top execs. His weekly postings are open, honest, and insightful -- just the kind of stuff that attracts readers. (...) GM is willing to accept and post criticism. Smart move. Nobody wants to read a sanitized blog.
(via Modern Marketing)

Btw, if you are looking for additional background information on GM's blog activities, check out the Hobson & Holtz Report - a really great business podcast ! A couple of weeks ago, they had an 18 minute long interview with the person responsible for GM's blogs - Michael Wiley, Director New Media, GM Communications (here is the Transcript).