Weblogs, Inc: Podcast Interview about AOL Deal

Last week, Jason Calacanis sold his company - Weblogs, Inc. - for $25 million in cash to AOL. Now Jason has done a podcast interview with Stephen Baker from Businessweek (click here for the MP3-File). There he shares some background on the deal.

Bottom line: Advertisers are begging him for ad space. But especially the top blogs are completely sold out. So he needed to find a way to get more inventory. That's what the partnership with AOL is aiming at. It's supposed to provide Weblogs, Inc. with the resources to quickly scale up business. Quote from the interview:
"AOL has experts, who have done millions of integrations with start up companies, who say, you know, accounting stuff ? Yeah, we got systems in place for that. We gonna plug you into SAP and you are all done..."
Hmm, plug a small start up into the SAP system of a big corporation to solve problems ? Well, not so sure about that... ;-)

But anyway, it's great to hear that a young blog company like Weblogs, Inc. is plagued with an issue like sold out inventory, while customers are clamoring for more. Let's hope that this deal plays out the way it is supposed to be.

Good luck to Jason & his team !

More Background: Big Media, Little Blogosphere (from Business Week)