General Motors launches FastLane Blog

Looks like Corporate Blogging is no longer the exclusive domain of IT companies! Yesterday, General Motors launched their all new FastLane Blog...
The FastLane blog is your source for the latest, greatest musings of GM leaders on topics relevant to the company, the industry and the global economy, and -- most of all -- to our customers and other car enthusiasts. We look forward to an open exchange of viewpoints and welcome your ideas and feedback throughout 2005.
In his first posting new blogger convert Robert A. Lutz (GM Vice Chairman, Product Development, and Chairman) describes what he wants to achieve:
After years of reading and reacting to the automotive press, I finally get to put the shoe on the other foot. In the age of the Internet, anybody can be a “journalist.” This is the first of many commentaries I will make on this forum, and I’d like to begin with, surprise, some product talk — specifically, Saturn products. (...)
That is exactly what weblogs are perfect for when it comes to corporate pr: communicating directly with the market - just getting the message out !

Lets hope, GM uses this medium wisely and makes it as lively and authentic as Jonathan Schwartz's Blog over at Sun Microsystems...

(via Micro Persuasion)